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If you have a piece of glass and you are looking for an ID, I've been cataloging glass by pinned images. Check under each image and you'll see a folder link; such as, Indiana Glass or Pairpoint Glass, etc. Click on these links to go to the folders I've been creating by Glass Company. This is a work in progress and needs an administrator. Looking for a GLGD volunteer to assist with these pinnings.

These pins are listings and pictures from all around the internet. This is a guide and shouldn't be taken as deadpan proof that you have found your ID. Many blog writers, sellers, etc. copy other people's listing errors. You should always try to verify your ID with the experts before selling something on the net.


Imitation Cut Glass, a hot future collectible

The appeal of  'good' Imitation Cut Glass is only going to become more desirable as the years go by since the genuine article is going to be so out-of-reach dollarwise for the average collector that it will just drive the prices of the good imitation cut glass up.

If you love the diamond cut sparkling appeal of a cut glass table but like most of us, have a poor man's pocketbook, don't discount the beauty of 'good' imitation cut glass.  In addition, you will have also started a collection that will only increase in value as time goes on.

A good piece of  McKee Prescut can range from $15 to $24 on the auction and antique sites and if you're fortunate, you can grab a piece up for under $10 plus shipping.  Be sure to always buy mint unless it's a piece that is rare or hard-to-find.

I predict that in 25 years, these pieces should at least double, if not, triple in price as demand increases and supply decreases.  McKee, as well as, other companies manufactured imitation cut glass; such as, Imperial Glass' Nucut line, during the latter part of the 19th Century and the 1st part of the 20th Century.  Some companies and their line names:

Imperial Glass Company, NuCut and ArtCut 
U. S. Glass Company, ArtCut
Westmoreland Glass Company - DeepCut 
Cambridge Glass Company, MearCut
McKee Glass Company, PresCut 
Hiesey, Plunger Cut

As time and volunteers permit, Glass Lovers Glass Database, will be documenting these lines in a lot more detail but for now we have assembled some information which can be found at our Gallery.  You can find the info at McKee Gallery Page or visit GlassLoversGlassDatabaseMainPg.

Some examples:

McKee Glass Glentec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern McKee Glass Sextec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern
McKee Glentec McKee Sextec
McKee Glass Aztec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern McKee Glass Bontec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern
McKee Aztec McKee Bontec
McKee Glass Fentec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern McKee Glass Martec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern
McKee Fentec McKee Martec
McKee Glass Nortec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern McKee Glass Quintec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern
McKee Nortec McKee Quintec
McKee Glass Valtec Imitation Cut Glass TEC Pattern
McKee Valtec  

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