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If you have a piece of glass and you are looking for an ID, I've been cataloging glass by pinned images. Check under each image and you'll see a folder link; such as, Indiana Glass or Pairpoint Glass, etc. Click on these links to go to the folders I've been creating by Glass Company. This is a work in progress and needs an administrator. Looking for a GLGD volunteer to assist with these pinnings.

These pins are listings and pictures from all around the internet. This is a guide and shouldn't be taken as deadpan proof that you have found your ID. Many blog writers, sellers, etc. copy other people's listing errors. You should always try to verify your ID with the experts before selling something on the net.


Beaumont Glass Columbia Pattern circa 1893

COLUMBIA by Beaumont
AKA:     Beaumont #100
-          Renamed for the Columbian Exposition of 1893.
COLORS:               Clear c  Ruby Stained g   Vaseline g
                                (not all pieces may have been made in all colors)
PIECES:  Extensive in number.  Pieces may have been “completed” and/or marketed by other companies, although the glass and pattern are made by Beaumont.  Originally purposed for souvenir ware, the upper portions of pieces like the sugar, creamer, tumblers, etc. had smooth, blank areas for custom marks, etc.  Pickle jars were made with rims but no lids for sale to other companies.  Silver plate & other metal work companies would create their own lines by buying combining the glass inserts with their own frames and lids.  Partial listing follows.
            Pickle Castor
            Tobacco Humidifier
            Vases ~ flared and cupped
    Tableware service including:
«  Berry Set
«  Fruit Bowls ~ 9” & 10” on standards
«  Bread Plate ~ 10”
«  Plate ~ 8”
«  Tumblers (2 separate designs)
«  Salt & Pepper* (square shaped)
«  Salt & Pepper*(round with bulbous bottoms)
«  *Undertray available ~ also sold as a Pin Tray and Underplate
«  Cruet
«  Condiment Set:  S&P Shakers and Cruet with Undertray
«  Jelly Compote
«  Syrup Can with pewter lid
«  Relish Tray ~ rounded ends ~ 10”
«  Relish Tray ~ squared ends ~ 11”
«  Toothpick Holder
«  Water Set

Information and photos provided by our member Dave Peterson.  See post #618 – Glass Lovers Glass Database Yahoo Group, February 16, 2008 @10:33 am – for additional information and link to photo of pickle castor and original catalog insert.

See our Gallery for additional images.

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